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Your music is everything to me :') 

thank you baby <3

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Your wounds will heal. Learn to love yourself immensely and true love will find it's way to you ❤️ 


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Listen/purchase: High Grade by Lucille Ghatti

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Dear anon / tishas ex boyfriend

Leave me alone. I don’t care what anyone did , I don’t care it’s the oldest hoe news ever. She didn’t even hurt my feelings lol. She’s trash and proves to be trash so how could I get mad ever . U let it go plz and everything will be ok.

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Can u post a pic of all of ur tattoos 


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Your a beautiful person 

Thank uuuuu

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you can see the change in his mood


image 2: still TURNIN UP but y’all needa turn down

image 3: what the fuck y’all simmer down

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